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28 Aug 2017

Smart phones are the new sensation for the world. Starting from the school going children to the aged person everyone is just going crazy over things.  A smart phone is not only a phone it can lessen distance nowadays. For the better ways of explanation, you can directly talk to different persons irrespective of the fact that they can be anywhere.  Video calling is supposed to be the best option to see your loved ones.  So if you really insisted to have the feelings, Facetime android is supposed to be the best option.

There are huge options of calling app, and along with that popularity of Video calling apps are also immense. iPhone users are blessed with facetime calling app and it is going to award you with so many facilities. But at the same time it is also true that the services are reserved for them only. But that does not mean android users are not going to have the facilities. For example they have plenty of options of other apps to offer you huge facilities. Here with the opportunity of numbers of apps, you are going to click the best one.

If you take into account the numbers of video calling apps, you are going to get enormous.  In the option the first name probably comes of Facebook messenger and they supposed to be the best one. It is available for free of cost and can be downloaded from Google play store and that is free of cost.  A Facebook id is enough for registering and you can continue the process of chatting along with video calls. Apart from that Viber, MU and many others apps are there for downloading and continue with your experience.

Here Skype is another option which you can use for the better experience of video calling.  Substitute form of Facetime android is always there which is actually better from other options. For example they are mainly invented for desktop or laptops, but now they are available in smart phones too. They can be downloaded to any android phone and they are always with you to make your experience even better.  It is available free of cost and through a ID you can make your experience in best possible forms.

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