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14 Sep 2017

Not to wasting any time and getting right to the point for all the Android users, FaceTime is not yet available for the people who have got android facetime devices; the reason being FaceTime App is basically a service that has been conceptualised and made especially for the Apple users. The application’s configuration has been set for only the iOS devices and thus the Android users cannot enjoy the facility on their devices. Although there have been some rough speculations that FaceTime is soon going to be available for the Android users as well, but not depending on the uncertainty, there might not be FaceTime available for the android users but there are many other alternatives that the android users can opt for.

Although thereare many websites online who claim to have the FaceTime application for the Android devices, but these all are nothing but scam. Downloading these corrupt files can be dangerous for the device system thus one needs to stay cautious from such false claims. Until the developers of Apple do notclaim to come up with the FaceTime for the facetime with android devices, it is requested to not use any such scams that are there in the market.

Video chatting becomes a huge problem especially for the iOS users who shift from Apple to android facetime. To overcome such a problem, there are many other alternatives as mentioned before, available there in the market. First of all is Google Hangouts that is an application which is linked to an individual’s Gmail account wherein the user can video chat with all the people who are added in their friend list providing with a very good quality and a very easy layout to access. This is one of the channel for video chatting that is been popularly used by a lot of people all across the globe.

Then there are many other video chatting applications that are available on the Google Play store providing users with a good quality of video chatting as well as an easy layout for accessing for all the facetime with android users. There are many apps which even provide with a lot of features related to video chatting such as, video graphics, face detector filters, video texting, subtitles, etc. A person can ascertain the best suited application of all as per need from the comments section below as well as the rating that has been done by the people who has used it before. 


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